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First Interim Results of HAROW Study available

Never before has so much information been collected on the treatment of the newly diagnosed, locally confined prostate cancer under ordinary, everyday conditions. The data of 5,000 patients are intended to provide a solid foundation for the discussion of what is considered to be the right therapy decision. Responsible for the implementation of the study and the evaluation of the results is the CSG corporation which also participated in the overall design of the study. A decisive factor in this was CSG’s extensive expertise in the field of oncological studies; in particular, prostate cancer. The study was initiated by the Stiftung Männergesundheit [Men’s Health Foundation] in Berlin. As an observational health care study, the HAROW study pursues the objective of finding adequate curative health care forms while considering not only the quality of life but also the individual needs and requirements of the patients. The study examines all types of prostate cancer therapies at the same time which, in turn, explains the study’s acronym:
H = Hormonal Therapy
A = Active Surveillance
R = Radiotherapy
O = Operation
W = Watchful Waiting
HAROW is a non-interventional, prospective health care study, i.e. it observes and documents under ordinary, everyday conditions without exerting influence on the type and implementation of the therapy. Ideally, the HAROW data will serve as the basis for a new direction in doctors’ recommendations (guideline) and for health care directives. Prof. Dr. med. Lothar Weißbach is the scientific supervisor, and a scientific advisory board accompanies the study.
Until the end of October 2009, HAROW recruited more than 1,000 men who were newly diagnosed with prostate cancer. The results of the first interim evaluation are now available.
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CSG in Berlin-Mitte


From now on CSG is located in Berlin-Mitte, in the historical Quartier 110. Our new Address:
CSG mbH, Friedrichstraße 180, 10117 Berlin. Our phone and fax numbers will remain unchanged. – Please note: you can also organize your conferences at our location, in the Auditorium Friedrichstrasse: www.auditorium-friedrichstrasse.de

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October 11-13th, 2010,

DIA 4th Annual Clinical Forum, Lisbon
"Theme 4: Peri-and Post-Approval Studies", Heike Schön (CSG): Programme Sub Committee and Session Chair: Session 8, 13th October 2010; 11:00 a.m., "Post-Approval Observational Studies - The Perspective of European Countries", see alsohttp://www.diahome.org
Innovation Prize for Haemophilia Project
HaemoassistTM Makes a Vital Contribution towards Improving the Transparency and Assuring the Quality of Haemophilia Therapy [more ...]
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